About Us

Quality By Tradition

Ektav is a World leading exporter of Turkish Table Eggs more than 10 years. Through this we have become a truly innovative company, raising the industry standards across the field.

Ektav Tavukculuk LTD invest in Animal Welfare and new production Technologies leading innovation in the field so that the whole World can taste the finest egg products Turkey has to offer.

Our goal is to do right by people every step of the way from farm to table. We run our business with integrity, transperency and social responsibility.

When we started Ektav LTD we knew we could make better foods for people. We wanted to change the industry through positve invitation that is good for people, chickens and the planet all at the same time. A unique place.

Preserving natural raw materials and non gmo products with special recipes, without additives makes unique, very tasty, high-quality products.

Hard work, research and initiative drive our continuous innovation.

With time, knowledge consolidated into expertise, and expertise became mastery. We analyze the unique needs and expectations of each of our commercial customers, in order to tailor the perfect offerings for today’s complexv, multifaceted international markets.

Quality & Control

Chicken that is well fed and well housed, is a layer in top condition that produces eggs  of high quality. For this reason, the farmer cares for the health of his animals.

Trustworthy and impartial analyses.
At the farm, a code identifying the producer is assigned to the sample. This ensures its traceability, but also ensures the anonymity of the farm throughout the analysis process. It’s a guarantee of impartiality. The labs are certified and officially qualified by the relevant public authorities.

A final control allowing to guarantee the highest quality of products supplied to our customers and final consumers.

Modern packaging technologies allow eggs and meats to preserve their freshness, natural taste and aroma for a long time.

From the warehouse, the products will be shipped and delivered to the customer.